The Name, Praga.

To capture and deliver The Authentic Czech Beer Experience, Praga honors its great Czech brewing heritage by using only the best Czech ingredients and brewing standards. But our name, Praga, unlike any other Czech or European beer, is immediately recognized as hailing from the capital of the Czech brewing tradition, Prague. Because of our combination of smooth taste, highest standards, premium packaging, and authentic Czech name, no other beer brand comes close to delivering the authentic Czech beer experience than Praga.


The Beer, Praga.

Based upon 200 year old traditional Czech recipes, Praga Pils and Praga Dark, are brewed in famous Bohemian breweries in collaboration with brewmasters from the historic Brevnov Monastery. Established in Prague, Czech Republic in 993 AD, the monks of the Brevnov Monastery are recognized as having established the very first Czech brewery. The Brevnov Monastery is now a privately owned microbrewery dedicated to continuing its thousand-year-old Czech brewing tradition.


Praga Brewing Group and the Brevnov Monastery today share the common goal of employing modern standards and youthful energy to create beer recipes that recapture the best of the ancient Czech brewing tradition in their most perfected form but still pleasing to modern tastes. To see our brewing process for yourself, join us at the Brevnov Monastery, which is open to the public and offers a wide range of activities for beer lovers, including designing your own beer in the Czech tradition.