We are now working with the Brevnov Monastery & Brewery

The history of the Brevnov Brewery is inseparably connected to the history of the Brevnov Monastery, which was founded in 993. Originally beer was brewed by the monks but later they rather rented the facility to other brewers to brew beer for them.

The brewing capacity of the microbrewery, which was built  in baroque stables, is 3,000 hl.. There are 8 different beer styles produced which vary from a classic pale lager to a variety of beers where different kinds of malts and hops are used. Some of the beers are aged in wooden barrels. Beer can be filled in both returnable and non returnable kegs of various sizes, swing top and regular bottles. The brewery also offers party kegs.


Praga Semi Dark – non pasteurized – un filtrated beer  is brewed as a special receiptfor Praga Brewing Group. This specialty beer is offered in a few selected markets due to its short shelf life and only small batches produced.

Brevnov Brewery is operated by engineering company Pivo Praha which has experienced brewmasters with long lasting history as brewing consultants for some of the biggest breweries.  This company is also building breweries and microbreweriesin the Czech Republic or in many foreign countries.

Both Praga Pils and Praga Dark are brewed under the supervision of the Brevnov Monastery Brewmasters. The beer is brewed in mid-sized local Czech breweries with the use of the original receipt and best quality Czech ingredients. There is always guarantee of the consistent best quality of our beers. Praga Pils and Dark Lager have been exporter into more than 30 foreign markets.

Our vision is to brew traditional Czech beer with highest quality ingredients for both domestic and foreign markets. Coperation with Brevnov Brewery is a perfect match for the Praga Brewing Group.

Martina Zemanova